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Blogger Sengkangbabies Came By Today!

Mr. Andy, the famous blogger you already know (SengkangBabies), and his family came by today. They are already known to be an awesome family that bonds with various activities together. And when they came by, they had so much fun!

One of their sons was a sharp shooter. Every time he set his target, he managed to shoot it down. Even including his parents. Another son was daring and always stood infront and was ready to take the cushioned bullets for the team.

Their eldest son had an advantage and managed to clinch the first mission as a win for the team. They managed to destroy their enemies base.

As for the second game they played, Rescue the Hostage, they found more challenging but were highly delighted when they managed to shoot their opponents. It was a tie for the second game.

We had fun hosting you and your family and we look forward to having all of you back here again!

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